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For IP 15 INCELL COF – FLYCDI Global Debut of Mobile Screen


In the realm of mobile screen technology, innovation has always been an unwavering pursuit. As leaders in the liquid crystal display industry, FLYCDI proudly announces the official launch of the For IP 15 INCELL COF process LCD screen.


Urgent development, limitless innovation

Since its initial release on September 22, 2023, IP15, equipped with the INCELL COF process, has not yet hit the market. Sensing the urgent demand and expectations from the market, after two months of urgent development, our company has successfully, through unwavering efforts, developed a mobile screen with INCELL COF technology that rivals the performance of the original equipment. This will provide users with the highest cost-effective and exceptional experience. This achievement not only show FLYCDI's technological prowess but also fulfills the commitment to users.

Comparable to the original, outstanding quality

Throughout the development process, we pursued craftsmanship that matches the original, ensuring that every inch of the screen displays the highest level of image quality and touch sensitivity. Through meticulous crafting, the mobile screen compatible with IP 15 continues the highlights of FLYCDI: high brightness, wide color gamut, and a full view, ensuring users an experience that is super-fast, super-strong, and super-valuable. The INCELL COF technology of For IP 15 is not just a symbol of FLYCDI's technological innovation but also a guarantee of outstanding quality.

Witness the future together

We sincerely thank our users for their trust and expectations in FLYCDI products. The global debut of For IP 15 with INCELL COF technology marks our relentless efforts and dedication to innovation in the field of mobile screen technology. Let's witness the beginning of the future together.

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